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Hi, I'm Grace!

My work explores how creative practice, communal dreaming, and story sharing can open up new possibilities and bring them into the world.


My work is based in community sexual health education. I’ve worked with the Department of Health, homeless coalitions, and community partners to bring sexual health education that is inclusive and anti-oppressive to New Yorkers. I particularly enjoy providing queer and trans youth with LGBTQ+ focused sex education and supporting them in finding their voices as activists and sharing their stories.


I’ve taught workshops for both youth and adults on a variety of topics, but my favorite thing to teach about is relational skill-building from a non-normative point of view. A non-monogamous perspective can offer everyone, including monogamous people, different ideas and possibilities for how to build relationships of all kinds that are focused on communal love and care. I especially enjoy the moments of group-sourced solutions and communication ideas that emerge from these conversations.


In my teaching practice and in my writing practice, I am interested in creating new and communal possibilities for relating to our loved ones. I love creating spaces for queer joy and strengthening community through the sharing of stories. 

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