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Encounters of Destabilization and New Worlds on Magic of the Spheres Podcast

I recently had a beautiful conversation with astrologer Sabrina Monarch on her Magic of the Spheres podcast!

From Sabrina’s description of the episode:

"On episode 222, a conversation I had a few weeks back with Grace Webb inspired by their literary thesis about worldmaking and encounter that involves the archetype of a destabilizing figure. This is a person who lives inside of a different reality than the mainstream or consensus reality around them, and simply by existing and others encountering them, others are changed, destabilized.

After hearing about their literary thesis around this archetype it pinged some of the things I’d been reflecting on with the upcoming wave of Pluto in Aquarius. Within some of the teachings around Aquarius & its modern ruler Uranus, we also encounter unconventional or iconoclast figures & the various psychology and nuance of that figure & their social impact. On Magic of the Spheres, we have been having some conversations and solo episodes lately about the upcoming 20 year transit of Pluto in Aquarius, and I consider this conversation a continuation of that. We actually spend less time on astrology and more on the experiential exploration of what it means to hold a different reality inside of oneself & what *encounters* between different worlds are like, whether we find ourselves the disruptor, the disrupted, or mutually destabilized.

Grace offers a perspective on the romanticism of this archetype. when we speak of destabilization it is not meant here with a negative connotation but had more of an energetic of willingness to experience new realities. As our conversation on the archetype developed, we talked about how this applies to the individual pursuit of belonging versus seeking greater frontiers (even if its lonely at first), the concepts of cultural codependency versus writing our own scripts, and dating, romance and alternate ways of relating."

You can find the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Sabrina’s website. You can also learn more about my Master’s thesis in my three-part blog series: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

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